How to Perfect the Most Important Part of the Swing



I’m often asked, “What’s the most important part of the golf swing?”

My answer might surprise you:

The takeaway.

That’s right, I consider the very first move in the swing to be the most crucial of all.

In the video lesson above, I explain what makes the takeaway so important.

You’ll also see how to hone a “hands-in, clubhead” out move, just like the pros.

It definitely helps to use the training aid my assistant, Leadbetter Senior Instructor Santiago Mari, demonstrates in the video.

It’s called the StraightAway, and it makes achieving the perfect takeaway positions quick and easy.

Finally, I’ll tell you how the great Ernie Els starts his swing – and it couldn’t be simpler.

Watch the video, improve your takeaway, and start hitting more solid shots today. 



Such good information.

Jeff Rachar

It would be nice to see a short video on how to set and complete the backswing after fixing the takeaway. We all have built manipulations for poor takeaways.

Darryl Gwalter

David, I recently purchased two of the straightaways this summer, and implemented this tool, in 35 years of teachings. It is the best tool I’ve ever used to assist my students, in the most important part of teaching, “the take away”. Thank you!!

Jesse Trevino B18

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