StraightAway Instruction Guide

• Easy steps to use the StraightAway to get to the Tour Takeaway

• Clip your StraightAway onto the shaft, beneath the grip – a maximum 2” below the end of the grip. 

• Line up the red pointer with the white arrow straight down the shaft toward 6 o’clock on an imaginary clock face, (as if putting a grip on the club) tighten both screws.

• Place an AimStick or a club on the ground right on your toe line which is parallel to the target line.

• Shift your belly button away from the target to start the motion.

• Keep your upper left arm (right handers) attached to your chest.

• Only move the butt end of the club a short distance - as far as your right hip pocket would be maximum (the butt end moves a shorter distance with a shorter club). Keep the arms soft and relaxed at all times.

• Point the yellow StraightAway arrow straight away from you towards 9 o’clock (3 o’clock left handers) the yellow pointer must sit parallel to the stick on the ground. The yellow pointer should look neither left or right of the AimStick on the ground, it has to be parallel. This is the Tour Takeaway position. *When looking down at the yellow pointer on top of the club or stick on the ground, from the golfer’s viewpoint the pointer appears parallel and slightly to the inside of the stick.

 Straight Away

• The StraightAway (the yellow pointer looks straight away when done correctly) will let you know straight away 😊 if you are doing it right or wrong.

• The most important drill initially is for the player to get to the Tour Takeaway, check it, and then from here complete the backswing and then hit the shot.

• An added feature for the StraightAway, especially with good players, is rehearsing returning the club to impact where the hands are leading and almost opposite the ball. The cub head is out in front of the hands and the yellow StraightAway arrow is once again parallel to the AimStick on the ground.

Feelings you might use with the StraightAway

1- Moving the club away, pressure is built up down through the front foot- shows the core is moving and engaged

2- Clubface may feel closed, especially if you have been rolling it open and inside

3- Right arm feels on top of left arm going back

4- Club feels in front of chest going 1/2 way back - not behind

5- Club feels light 1/2 way back not heavy