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Leadbetter Swing Aids

The StraightAway AIMSTICK

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Tired of cheap, plastic alignment sticks that bend or break?

The StraightAway AIMSTICK is both durable and collapsible:

✅ High Quality Material: Made of lightweight, durable aluminum alloy. More stable than ordinary plastic and fiberglass. Maintains shape and will not break.

Improve Your Game: Dials in your tour takeaway, aim and posture. Designed to compliment your StraightAway. Confirms the correct start of the swing by aligning your StraightAway parallel to the matching yellow section of the Aimstick.  

✅ Perfect Aim Every Time: Remains properly aligned to your target when secured to the ground using the TeeFixer hole. Stays aimed at your target while hitting shot after shot to help perfect your aim.

✅ Hassle-Free: Includes 3 detachable pieces. Easily assembled with a thread connector. Includes a carry bag for easy storage in your golf bag. No more clutter in your club slots or nasty scratches caused by conventional alignments sticks.

Multi-purpose: Allows you to improve your full swing and short game. Can be broken down for putting and chipping drills. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.