Straightaway - How it works

Straightaway - How it works

  1. Slip the SA onto the shaft of any club up to 2” above the grip. RH up for right handers LH for left handers

  2. Point the red arrow straight down the shaft towards 6 o’clock.  Tighten both screws so the unit is secure.

  3. Setup to the ball and place an alignment stick or club on your toe line parallel to the target line. It's important to have your toes right up to the stick to obtain correct visual.

  4. Move the belly button (core) to initiate the backswing keeping the left arm connected to the chest.  

  5. Move the butt end of the club and the hands slightly inside towards your right thigh, feel the clubhead tracking slightly inside the target line. It’s like a small circle that the hands track on being inside a bigger circle that the club head moves on. Feel the hands in and the clubhead out.

  6. The butt end of the club (depending on the length of the club) should move +/- 9inches, no further than the right hip pocket – it’s a short movement.  The club head, depending on the club, should move a maximum of 36 inches.  

  7. Stop and check this very important position. When looking down, observe the yellow arrow parallel to and inside the alignment stick on your toes.  The yellow arrow points StraightAway towards 9 o’clock (3 o’clock for left handers). This is the Tour Takeaway Position, hands in club out.  The yellow arrow must look at 9 o’clock parallel to the stick on the ground, neither looking right or left of the stick!

  8. Rehearse this core connected move making sure the yellow arrow points at 9 o’clock.  Get to this position and hit balls from here.  Essentially you are splitting the swing up into two sections – the takeaway and the rest to the finish.  

  9. Advanced move - make the backswing and as you swing down towards impact in the delivery position the yellow arrow once again should be parallel to the alignment stick on the ground. This ensures the club head is approaching the ball on the proper angle with the hands leading the shaft leaning forward and the club face square.  Rehearse this movement prior to hitting a shot to get the correct visual.