The Takeaway

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I lost the lessons that came with my purchase of the Takeaway. Please send me a link so that I can download the lessons that came with it and how do use it. Thank you.

Joseph Horacek

My thought on this is: another golf instruction video where there is too much talk and not enough demonstration. The device might be the best aid ever. But good God, get to it!

Lance Anderson

Bottom nut does not stay attached

Michael Tharp

I have purchased the unit and now hitting my irons flush, even up to my 4 (215-220). I need to work with it with my driver – so stay tuned. It’s work more than the price of admission !!! RG

Roberto J. Gittens

Until getting the Straightaway I had a lot of confusion on the takeaway. One plane, two plane??? You can forget all that. Practice the two step in this video. Position one then core pivot to the top. Make sure your grip is correct. Great device.

Mike Crosby

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