Driver Set-Up


Excellent. My problem is irons -standing up on my backswing and missing hitting the ball – usually fat. When I was in my 30’s, I did it but my timing usually brought me back to the ball. I even hit it further esp with driver. But now, a nightmare since I do not sense I am doing it. Hoping the A swing helps.

Edgar Brannon

Hi David

You have the best Golf School ever. I was 7 Weeks in Florida, attending your Golf Academy at the Old Corkscrew in Naples. Greg Weston was my Teacher and he is just fabulous.. the best teacher of all.

Roland Hofmann

Thanks for the advice, I will take it to the range and practice.

Al Chairez

Consistency is my problem. The other thing would be lack of distance. When trying to hit up on the ball I will either fall back or hit the ground behind the ball.

Phil Pogorzelski

Thanks for the tip!

Jesse Page

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