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SmartBody Golf

The Golf Symmetry Ball

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The Golf Symmetry Ball is a weighted ball designed to target the core muscles in order to develop rotational strength.

Available in 6 and 10-pound options.

PATENTED SLOT DESIGN - the patented slots allow you to hold the weighted ball lightly and swing without tension in your hands and wrists, which is essential for releasing the golf club for maximum club head speed.

VERSATILE HANDLES - the position of the slots and handles allows you to grip the ball with your wrists closer together which is similar to how you would grip your golf club. See detailed instructions below for alternate grip positions to promote a fade versus draw shot.

CORE ROTATIONAL STRENGTH - since you are gripping the ball similar to how you would grip a golf club, you can swing in a more natural motion, and build up muscle memory in your golf-specific muscles. This is the most efficient way to increase core power that is essential to building up high club head speed.

TWO-COLOR VISUAL GUIDE (6lb Ball Only) - the blue and yellow sides of the ball represent both sides of your body to help you balance the force generated from your left and right sides through the golf ball.

CENTER CIRCULAR GUIDE (6lb Ball Only) - the center circle is another visual guide that represents the golf ball. Ensure that it is lined up properly at impact.

SUPERIOR GRIP - the Golf Symmetry Ball is made out of high quality rubber and features an allover dimpled texture for non-slip grip. We recently updated our design with a smoother surface on the inside of the handles and inner slots for a more comfortable grip.