This is the secret to better ball striking in golf... The best golfers in the world focus on this move, Why arent you?? It will FIX your Ball Striking Today!!

Get your game off to a good start

The best players in the world understand that the start of the golf swing sets the tone for success. It's the foundation upon which a solid golf swing is built.
We see it week after week, our favorite golfers focus on the first move as part of their Pre-Shot routine, the first 3-4 feet, In other words the TakeAway...
The Straightaway is designed to help you perfect the crucial first move.
If the best in the world focus so much time on this, why dont you??



I had the same question as Bazza. I just looked at the video and approximated what I saw. Thought it was strange not to show how to specifically line it up on the club.

John Scott

Have yet to see the proper alignment of the straightaway tool. How am I supposed to align the tool, no instruction is provided. Just the tool and insufficient pictures.


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