Learn Proper Alignment




For whatever reason, alignment gives a lot of golfers a hard time.

There are a handful of components you must get synched up, but it’s really not that difficult.

If you’re not sure what to aim first, the video above has the answer.

From there it’s a matter of getting your feet, knees, shoulders and a couple other things aligned parallel to the target line. 

It always helps to use alignment sticks on the range, but I’ve found that traditional sticks have their drawbacks. 

For starters, they’re not very durable and their length makes them cumbersome. My high-quality, three-piece Aimsticks – which you’ll see in the video – solves both these issues.

Practice your alignment every time you’re on the range and it will become much easier on the course. 

Your accuracy will improve, too. 


My son continues to line up right. I love to practice with alignment sticks as it give me a sure “LOOK “so my mind is at ease and I don’t subconsciously manipulate my swing. I love the “ Straight Away “ training aid.

Bart Schuerman

I agree that alignment is probably the most important part of getting your swing started on the right path. It is much easier to do that at the range with the alignment tools you have in your bag. My problem, and others in my group, is taking it to the golf course. I use the intermediate target to start my alignment but most times still end up aligning left of the target line. How or what can I do to build a better pre-shot routine to be more accurate with my alignment? Thanks


I would appreciate seeing a written outline of the steps to take in accomplishing a certain feature in the golf swing that you are featuring in your video.


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