Leadbetter X Payntr Golf

Leadbetter X Payntr Golf

David Leadbetter, Golfzon Leadbetter and PAYNTR Golf have announced a new exclusive agreement that will see David Leadbetter become a Brand Ambassador for PAYNTR Golf and the innovative footwear brand become the global supplier to the worldwide network of Leadbetter Golf Academies.

PAYNTR Golf will now service the footwear needs of more than 150 Leadbetter Instructors across 15 countries, as they deliver over 50,000 lessons each year, putting PAYNTR’s biomechanically advanced footwear in play during instruction, lessons and competitive play.

The partnership holds the shared vision to utilize David Leadbetter’s global reputation in golf and advanced coaching knowledge to educate recreational and elite golfers on the product benefits of PAYNTR Golf as a performance enhancer for golf. 

PAYNTR Golf entered the golf industry earlier this year with the debut of the PAYNTR X 001 F golf shoe, giving golfers a competitive advantage from the ground up by utilizing a unique traction system born out of biomechanical insights.

The exciting entrance of this new golf brand is the result of a dynamic partnership between PAYNTR Golf co-founders Mike Forsey and David Paynter. Forsey is a U.S. based golf footwear expert with more than 30 years’ experience in the global arena. Paynter is a former professional cricketer who created the successful PAYNTR performance athletic footwear company in the U.K. 

“PAYNTR Golf gives golfers a traction advantage. Our footwear amplifies the golfer’s ability to use the ground effectively to generate more power to the ball,” said Forsey. “We see golf footwear as golf equipment. Just as ball and clubhead speed are critical to performance, so is harnessing the power from the ground in our feet. Your footwear has to give you support, energy return, waterproofness and comfort, we believe we’ve achieved each of these in the X 001 F,” he adds.

“This unique partnership gives PAYNTR Golf immediate authenticity with the passionate golfer—the golfer who seeks game improvement through informed instruction and better equipment. It also exposes the brand and our performance technology to a global audience. We could not be more excited about the partnership,” said Paynter.

“Leadbetter Instructors are on their feet all day teaching, so wearing the correct footwear plays an important role in their ability to deliver lessons. We share a mutual belief with PAYNTR Golf about how a golf shoe should perform, which makes this an exciting partnership and gives us another simple way of helping our students to improve,” said Ben Riches, CEO of Golfzon Leadbetter.

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