Find The Right Training Aid For You

Find The Right Training Aid For You

Training aids are a great addition to any golfer’s practice routine. They help speed up swing changes and increase confidence by providing immediate feedback and helping develop muscle memory. However, knowing which training aid will work for your swing is key. Below you’ll find some faults and fixes to help determine the right aid(s) for your game.


The Boomerang | $29.99

FAULT: You suffer from inconsistent contact, overuse and disconnection of arms

FIX: The Boomerang is one of the easiest training aids to use and one of the most versatile. The Boomerang helps maintain connection throughout the swing, avoiding separation of the arms. If the arms separate from the body, the Boomerang falls out. The Boomerang can be used for driving, iron play, wedge play, and even putting. You can also use it under the left or right arm, depending on your tendency. It is perfectly shaped to fit under your shoulder and has a magnetic clasp for easy retrieval with your club.


Leadbetter Glove | $29.99

FAULT: Do you have holes in the palm of your glove? This can be an indicator that your grip is not in the right position. Most golfers struggle with their left-hand grip (right-hand grip for leftys) and this can cause a whole host of issues for the rest of the swing. 

FIX: The Leadbetter Glove has four indicators to promote a perfect grip. The palm alignment indicator (shown) ensures the club is placed perfectly in the golfer’s hand. The lifeline indicator runs down the thumb and will align with the lifeline of the golfer’s opposite hand. The knuckle indicators help the golfers see the two important knuckles seen by most top players. The V Patch indicator ensures the black thumb and four finger links are touching and will point to the right shoulder (for a left-handed golfer).


The Putting Bar | $39.99

FAULT: Excess arm and wrist movement throughout the stroke resulting in inconsistent strikes and poor distance control

FIX: The Putting Bar is an ergonomically shaped putting aid that slides under the arms and allows the player to feel the connection between the triceps and chest, encouraging the larger muscles to control the stroke and helping you develop feel and consistency. The Putting Bar promotes a rocking motion using larger muscles. The Putting Bar folds up and can be used before the round and in practice. You’ll start striking the ball more consistently and begin to develop a better feel.


The Short Club | $49.99

FAULT: You’re short on time and have limited space to practice 

FIX: Put this in your office, in your living room, throw it in your suitcase and you never have to miss out on a practice session again. Practice swings away from the ball are a great way to increase your reps and create real change in the golf swing. Can also be used in the gym to reinforce feels between sets. The club is precisely weighted and gripped to mimic the feel of a standard iron.


Additional Training Aids

FAULT: You lack structure in your practice and/or need some challenges

FIX: There are so many training aids to provide immediate feedback and create a more structured practice. For example, roll 10 putts with the Accuroll Training Balls. Out of ten, how many of the training balls maintained the centerline through the entire roll? Continue to build on that number. If you’re struggling with a path that is too far in to out or out to in, the Swing Solution will provide immediate feedback. Even better, you can use the Swing Solution for nearly every club in the bag.

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