Mastering Your Chipping: Essential Tips & the Power of the Boomerang

Mastering Your Chipping: Essential Tips & the Power of the Boomerang

Hi golfers, and welcome! Today we're here to help you with your chipping. Most of our students struggle around the green because this is where scores are made or lost. We're here to make sure that next time you miss the green, you feel confident and comfortable that you can get up and down 80-90% of the time and feel like a tour player.

Common Mistakes in Chipping

For shots with a lot of rough and fringe and not much green to work with, you want to avoid digging while still getting the ball up in the air. Place the ball level with your left ear (or lead ear), slightly forward of center. This position helps you use the natural loft of the club effectively. Position your hands just over the ball, with your weight slightly forward (about 60% on the lead foot and 40% on the back foot).

2. Drive with Your Core

The engine of your chipping motion should be your core, not your arms. Many amateurs use their arms too much, resulting in disconnected swings. Instead, drive the chip with your core, keeping your arms connected to your body throughout the swing. This ensures a more controlled and powerful motion.

3. Use the Boomerang Training Aid

One of our favorite training aids is the Leadbetter Boomerang. This simple yet effective tool helps you maintain the connection between your arms and core. Place the Boomerang under your lead arm to create pressure between your arm and chest. This pressure ensures that your core drives the motion. If the Boomerang falls out, you're using your arms too much.

Practice with the Boomerang

Using the Boomerang, practice the correct ball position and core-driven motion. Keep the pressure constant throughout the swing. You'll notice that this helps you hit higher, more consistent chips. The Boomerang forces you to accelerate through the ball with your core, leading to better results.


By following these tips, you'll see immediate improvements in your chipping. Remember, the key is to use your core to drive the motion and maintain proper ball position. I hope you found these tips helpful. We bring new content to you on a weekly basis, so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel and leave us a comment below. 

Happy Chipping!


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